Section 312IAC8-2-10. Preservation of habitat and natural and cultural resources  

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  •    Except as authorized by a license, a person must not do any of the following within a DNR property:

    (1) Molest an animal den or bird nest.

    (2) Collect any wild animal, except as authorized by section 3 or 4 of this rule.

    (3) Damage or collect a plant or pick flowers. Exempted from this subdivision are the following:

    (A) Berries.

    (B) Fruits.

    (C) Nuts.

    (D) Fallen cones.

    (E) Mushrooms.

    (F) Leaves.

    (G) Greens.

    (4) Pick berries, fruits, nuts, fallen cones, mushrooms, leaves, or greens on a nature preserve, or another property administered by the division of nature preserves, unless the property is located at any of the following:

    (A) A state park.

    (B) A reservoir property.

    (C) A fish and wildlife area.

    (D) A state forest.

    (5) Damage, interfere with, or remove:

    (A) a work of art;

    (B) an artifact;

    (C) a rock or mineral;

    (D) a shipwreck;

    (E) an archeological site;

    (F) a historic site;

    (G) a building; or

    (H) a sign.

    (6) Place or maintain a:

    (A) structure;

    (B) device;

    (C) dock;

    (D) buoy;

    (E) ramp; or

    (F) sign.

    (7) Use a metal detector, except on a sand, swimming beach as approved by an authorized representative.

    (8) Rock climb or rappel.

    (9) Collect firewood on a state park.

    (10) Dig or excavate any material from the ground.

    (11) Regardless of whether taken lawfully, sell any material taken from a DNR property. Exempted from this subdivision are materials taken under a license issued by the department that specifically authorizes the sale of the material.

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